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Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

Jun. 04, 2024

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 

20  buildings 1000+ Suits

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

Products adopted by LifeSmartProject Introduction

Starry Switch

Cube Clicker

Cube Motion Sensor

Cube Switch Module

Cube Switch Module Pro

Cube Door/Window Sensor

Smart Station Pro

Smart Plug
Nature 7

QuickLink Curtain Motor

Curtain Track

Light Strip Controller

Light Strip

Air-conditioning Gateway

Environmental Sensor(PM2.5)

RS485 Converter

Explore the enchanting world of Beijing's Winter Olympics Village, spanning 330,000 square meters with 20 magnificent residential buildings. Each offers spacious living spaces from 135 to 295 square meters.

As the designated supplier for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Village Smart Home Project, LifeSmart introduces the CloudRise Smart Home System. Experience a healthier, cozier, safer, and more energy-efficient living environment with our intelligent technology.

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

WHY Olympic choose LifeSmart?

Smart Lighting system: offers advanced smart control, allowing users to remotely manage their lighting through the LifeSmart APP and set timer switches based on the simulation of natural lights. The light dimming system features a main-light-free design, enabling gradual adjustment of light brightness and color temperature with Nature 7. For houses without neutral wires, the LifeSmart Starry Switch utilizes an innovative battery powering solution to prevent electricity theft and instability issues. Additionally, inhabitants can personalize their indoor lights via the LifeSmart APP, with the system learning and memorizing user habits for AI-based control and management.

Environmental Management :offers comprehensive temperature and humidity control through automatic adjustments and real-time monitoring. It integrates seamlessly with third-party central air-conditioning and fresh air systems to maintain optimal indoor conditions for human habitation. The system allows separate management of the living room and bedroom, setting different temperatures for various environments. For air quality control, the system automatically adjusts air conditioners and ventilation based on sensor-detected air quality, ensuring a healthy, convenient, and comfortable living space. Like the lighting system, the air quality management system also supports remote control and personalized settings through the LifeSmart APP.

Energy management: inspired by the "Green Olympics," accurately detects energy consumption for each room and appliance. It features power peak shift management, utilizing devices like electric storage water heaters and refrigerators during off-peak hours for low-cost energy storage, thereby responding to peak load shift requests from the power grid. The system employs a user behavior energy-saving algorithm to stagger the use of high-energy-consuming devices within communities. Designed to be both eco-friendly and user-friendly, the energy-saving settings are based on intelligent logical analyses that effectively control power consumption without compromising the inhabitants' living experience.

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages

After the games, these residences will be converted into Beijing's Talent Public Rental Housing, providing an opportunity to connect more closely with the city and contribute to its future.

Beijing Winter Olympic Villages


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