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The Park Habio Meguro Sakuratei

Jun. 18, 2024

The Park Habio Meguro Sakuratei

The Park Habio

 Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

106 Suites ,1590 SQM

Products adopted by LifeSmart

Project Introduction

Smart Station

Smart Lock

Smart Curtain

Smart Heater

Polar Switch (Smart Lighting)

 IR Blaster

The Park Habio Meguro Sakuratei, located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, covers 1,590 square meters and encompasses 106 suites spread across 7 floors. This smart home apartment project boasts LifeSmart's cutting-edge technology, including IR Blaster, Smart Station, Smart Lighting, Smart Heater, and Smart Curtain systems. Designed to meet the meticulous requirements of Tokyo residents, particularly in terms of lighting, temperature, and security control, it guarantees a seamless and convenient living  experience.


The Park Habio Meguro Sakuratei

Why LifeSmart?

Climate: Tokyo's variable climate demands precise control over indoor temperatures. LifeSmart's Smart Heater system automatically adjusts the room temperature according to residents' needs, providing a comfortable living environment. Additionally, the Smart Curtain system adjusts based on external light conditions, offering additional support for indoor temperature management.

Lighting: In a bustling metropolis like Tokyo, the quality and convenience of lighting are crucial. LifeSmart's Smart Lighting system can automatically adjust the brightness and color of lights based on different living scenarios, which is not only energy-efficient but also creates an ideal living atmosphere.

Localization: In designing and developing its products, LifeSmart has thoroughly considered the unique needs of Tokyo residents. Whether in terms of space utilization, functionality, or user experience, LifeSmart demonstrates a profound understanding of local requirements.



The Park Habio Meguro Sakuratei



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