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We are happy to inform you of the latest webinar arrangements of LifeSmart Academy. Join us now to learn more about smart home technology.

Upcoming Webinars

Data Time(GMT+8) Topic Register
Jan 5-8, 2023 9:00-5:00 CES Register

Completed webinars

Data Topic Replay
2022-10-20 How much do you know about Smart Security
2022-10-13 All you should know about smart curtains
2022-09-15 Explore Smart Light Switch with LifeSmart
2021-11-18 AIB Practice-Session3
2021-11-04 AIB Practice-Session2
2021-10-14 AIB Practice-Session1
2021-09-23 3rd Party Integration-Session3
2021-09-09 3rd Party Integration-Session2
2021-08-26 3rd Party Integration-Session1
2021-07-29 Cololight Lighting Effect Demo
2021-07-22 Central Air-conditioner Smart Gateway
2021-06-30 LifeSmart & Dahua Joint Webinar
2021-06-17 Fever Detection & Face Recognition Terminal
2021-06-10 Smart Home Dim & CT System
2021-05-20 LifeSmart & Akuvox Joint Webinar
2021-05-13 AI Builder
2021-05-07 Typical Smart Home Scene Design
2021-04-29 LifeSmart App
2021-04-22 Appliance Control
2021-04-15 Smart Shading System
2021-04-08 Smart HVAC
2021-04-01 Sensor Series
2021-03-25 Lighting Series
2021-03-18 LifeSmart Special Event
2021-03-11 Doorlock & Cameras
2021-03-04 Nature Series
2021-02-25 Academy Intro & Protocols and Gateways
2021-01-28 LifeSmart & Cololight Product Overview


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