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Smart Switch Air (8 Key 4 Way White)

Ultra-thin panel, Matte finished cover

  • With its ultra-thin panel measuring a mere 2.5mm at its thinnest point, the Smart Switch Air (8 Key 4 Way) is a testament to precision engineering. 

  • The Switch features a vibrant 16 million color LED backlight indicator, ensuring a clear display that won't disturb your well-deserved rest. 

  • Its warm white color and fog matte finish add a touch of elegance and high-quality texture. , seamlessly blending with a range of popular home improvement styles. 

  • Elevate your interactions with the Smart Switch Air, a true testament to ingenuity.


The LifeSmart Smart Switch Air series replace your traditional switch with CoSS protocol to make your life easier. Combined with the LifeSmart Smart Station and the free LifeSmart App, you have infinite control possibilities.

  • Ultra-thin design: the thinnest point is only 2.5mm, with advanced fog matte finished surface technology.

  • Advanced rebound texture: specially tailored for intelligent switches, so the trigger pressure is smaller, and the key sound is more crisp. 

  • Custom LED indicator: LED backlight supports custom 16 million colors, double light guide plate design. the soft backlight at night will not disturb sleep.

  • Laser Etching 、UV printing customization: Bring intelligent, personalized and ornamental triple ceremony sense

  • LifeSmart CoSS Module :CoSS Radio Protocol 200m Transmission


Model Number


InstallationIn-wall concealed with 86 back box
WiringLive wire access, first line live wire exit, second line live wire exit, third line live wire exit,

forth line live wire exit

Operating Temperature-5~45°C
Operating Humidity5~90%
Power Supply

AC 110-240V~50/60Hz

Power Consumption


Maximum OverloadResistive load: 500W per channel

Inductive/Capacitive load:200Wperchannel

CasingBottom Cover: PC, Top Cover:ABS+PC

Radio ProtocolCoSS
Range(Open field)200m

Smart Switch Air (8 Key 4 Way White)

Smart Switch Air (8 Key 4 Way White)

Smart Switch Air (8 Key 4 Way White)


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