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LifeSmart has announced the formal completion of Series C2 financing

Aug. 03, 2021

LifeSmart recently announced the formal completion of Series C2 financing. This round of financing was led by Silergy Equity Fund under power chip leader Silergy Corp, and followed by other industrial investors.


Silergy, the lead investor of this round, has become listed in 2013. On the basis of independent innovation and global presence, it is a technology leader in the analog chip industry. With industry-leading process technologies, it designs innovative mixed-signal and analog ICs for a wide range of industrial, consumer, computing, and communications devices. Its products are designed to improve efficiency and to conserve or measure energy use.


The investment from leading power chip company Silergy may significantly boost the supply and delivery of LifeSmart's smart hardware products at a critical time when many other companies are affected by the global chip shortage.


LifeSmart has completed two rounds of financing in less than three months. Although no specific amount was disclosed for the two rounds of financing, the investments from a real estate giant and a power chip leader in a short period of time show that capital is not only bullish on the smart home industry, but also on the unique competitive advantage of LifeSmart. 

LifeSmart has announced the formal completion of Series C2 financing


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