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LifeSmart equips the Beijing Winter Olympics Village with the full smart home solutions

Aug. 10, 2021

With the recent comprehensive delivery of the Beijing Winter Olympic Village, the smart home system of LifeSmart, the designated smart home provider for the Village, has begun its service. The system will bring smart, comfortable, convenient, and energy-saving life experiences to athletes from across the globe, showcasing China's technological power to the world.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Village, located on the south side of the Beijing Olympic Sports Center, is an important venue in the event site of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Consist of 20 residential buildings with a total floor area of 330,000 square meters, it will be the place offering residential, catering, and medical services to athletes and team officials during the event. After the event, it will be reconstructed to serve the public rental housing project in Beijing, for talents complying with the functional strategic positioning of the capital.

After several rounds of bidding, LifeSmart became the designated smart home provider responsible for creating all-scenario smart living spaces in the Beijing Winter Olympic Village, thanks to its strong R&D capability, product innovation, and unrivaled wireless smart home solution.

LifeSmart equips the Beijing Winter Olympics Village with the full smart home solutions


Smart Lighting

All buildings in the Beijing Winter Olympic Village use the latest main-light-free lighting system. Whole-room smart lighting control, plus the stepless, gradual adjustment of light brightness and color temperature, is made possible by LifeSmart's Starry Switch, as well as the light dimming and color adjustment solution.

Starry Switch is a smart single-live-wire solution developed by LifeSmart for houses without a neutral wire. It adopts an innovative battery powering solution to prevent the "electricity theft" and instability issues commonly found in single-live-wire smart switches, completely fixing the pain point of traditional smart switches.

The smart lighting solution in the Village also allows continuous color temperature and brightness adjustment of indoor lights. The adjustment is a simulation of natural lights based on physiological routines and the color temperature and brightness of the natural lights outside. In addition, the smart lighting system supports personalized settings for inhabitants from different countries or those having different habits. Through the app, inhabitants can customize the indoor lights in any way they are used to. The system will learn and memorize the user habits for AI-based control and management.

LifeSmart equips the Beijing Winter Olympics Village with the full smart home solutions

Environmental Management

The Beijing Winter Olympic Village is equipped with an all-scenario smart environmental management system for smart lighting, smart curtains, visual intercom, and temperature and humidity control. Beyond that, the system is also capable of remote device control, the real-time monitoring of the environment and the ventilation system, as well as the linked control of these functions.

Based on the real-time air quality, preset environment control targets, and inhabitants' needs, the system automatically controls air conditioners, the ventilation system, and other devices in the room. This helps keep the indoor airs in a desirable state and ensures a healthy, convenient, and comfortable living space.

LifeSmart equips the Beijing Winter Olympics Village with the full smart home solutions

Energy Management

Following the eco-friendly concept of "green Olympics", LifeSmart provides a whole-room energy management solution for the Beijing Winter Olympic Village, which accurately detects the energy consumption of each room and implements multi-solution energy control based on intelligent logical analyses.

During off-peak hours of electricity usage, the solution realizes distributed low-cost energy storage using devices such as electric storage water heaters and refrigerators for real-time handling of and responses to the peak load shift requests of the power grid. It also relies on technologies such as the user behavior energy-saving algorithm to stagger the use of highly energy-consuming devices in communities.

While using technology to empower the Beijing Winter Olympics and create an inimitable Winter Olympic life, LifeSmart's smart home solution demonstrates to the world that China is marching toward the era of the smart home.


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