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Smart office of Huawei Indonesia powered by LifeSmart has been successfully delivered

Apr. 07, 2021

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. With more than 194,000 employees, Huawei operates in more than 170 countries and regions. With the continuous development of business in Indonesia, Huawei Indonesia team decided to move to a larger office with 13,600㎡ in early 2021. To create a more efficient, convenient and energy-saving office, Huawei Indonesia team decided to introduce smart office suppliers to optimize the new office.

 LifeSmart creates a smart office for Huawei

In the process of searching for suppliers, Huawei learned that LifeSmart had provided smart office solutions for Baidu and Alibaba before, and then assigned the technical team in Shenzhen to conduct a remote online inspection with LifeSmart R&D team and technical support immediately. After several rounds of communication, Huawei has expressed extremely high appreciation for our technical level and project integration capability. With further business negotiations and on-site inspections, the cooperation intention was finally confirmed.


To complete the planned control strategy and ensure the operation stability, we have used 86 smart stations to connect all of the smart devices and sensors wirelessly. Instead of traditional switches, Huawei prefer LifeSmart latest touch screen panel Nature Mini, we have used more than more than 300 Nature Mini panels in this 8 floor office to meet the needs of all the different scenarios.

 LifeSmart creates a smart office for Huawei

Excellent expansion and compatibility enable the LifeSmart enterprise platform not only to wirelessly control LifeSmart smart devices including smart lighting, smart HVAC and smart shading through smart stations, but also to stably connect to various third-party platforms and hardwares to create an open smart office ecosystem.

LifeSmart creates a smart office for Huawei

For general working area of the new Huawei Indonesia office, the lights and air conditioner will be automatically turned on after motion detected, and the control strategy schedule will vary on weekdays, weekends and holidays. For the meeting rooms, also the smart devices including lights, magic glass, air conditioner and curtain will be automatically switched on when someone enters the meeting room, and automatically switched off at 10 minutes after the meeting. The system will also determine whether to activate the automatic switching strategy according to the working hours.


Besides providing the best smart office solution, LifeSmart is also committed to working with our distributor to provide the best service for our customer. In the early stage of the project, LifeSmart sent our dedicated R&D team and engineer team to survey the site, analyze the floor plan, and formulate the final solution after repeated investigations. After the confirmation, we completed the delivery including product preparation, transportation, installation and commissioning within 2 months, which also impressed Huawei. For the after-sales services, we promise to provide solutions within 4 hours after receiving equipment failure notification. For problems that cannot be solved remotely, our technical support team will be at the site within 1 day.


LifeSmart creates a smart office for Huawei



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