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Stey Hotel

May. 30, 2024

Stey Wangfujing

Stey Wangfujing

Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

6Floors     72 Units

Blend Switch

Cube Motion Sensor

Smart Station Pro

Smart Plug

Smart Curtain

HVAC Smart Controller


Nature Mini Pro

                                  Cube Clicker                                  

Environmental Sensor

Gas Sensor

Preject Introduction:
Stey is an international hotel brand from Scandinavia, renowned for its stylish and contemporary living experience. Lifesmart offers smart hotel solutions to three of Stey's hotels in Beijing, namely Stey 798, Stey Wangfujing, and Stey Sanlitun. LifeSmart provides comprehensive lighting, environmental, and curtain solutions, revitalizing the atmosphere of Stey hotel rooms. Also, LifeSmart open platform to assist Stey in creating a customized mobile app, allowing guests to effortlessly control everything. Serving as a room butler, the app offers functions such as environmental temperature and humidity detection, lighting control, and temperature regulation, enabling users to personally experience the surprises and warmth brought by smart technology, significantly boosting room occupancy rates.

Stey Hotel

Stey Hotel

Stey Hotel

Why LifeSmart?

1、Stey and LifeSmart Partnership: Stylish and Modern Living Experiences

Stey, an international hotel brand from Northern Europe, is renowned for its stylish and modern living experiences. To meet the growing demand for smart and comfortable living, Stey has partnered with LifeSmart to create an innovative living experience combining design hotels, shared living spaces, and smart living.

2、Comprehensive Smart Solutions

LifeSmart provides comprehensive lighting, environment, and curtain solutions, and has customized a mobile app for Stey. This app allows guests to easily control the environment, lighting, and temperature for a perfect stay, enhancing their overall experience.

3、Advanced Smart Hotel Solutions

LifeSmart's Smart Hotel Solution uses IoT, cloud computing, and AI to digitize and intelligentize hotel operations. It offers a full range of smart products, including energy-saving, comfort, diversity, and security features. Through automatic sensing, timely transmission, and data calculation, it brings the benefits of smart technology to guests, significantly enhancing room occupancy rates.

4、Efficiency and Revenue Maximization

The industry-leading smart hotel management system also improves operational efficiency and reduces costs, maximizing revenue. The partnership between Stey and LifeSmart redefines the connection between people and guest rooms, using design and technology to transform living experiences.

Stey Hotel

Stey Hotel

Stey Hotel

Stey Hotel


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