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Huawei Indonesia Office

May. 31, 2024

Huawei Indonesia Office
Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota

Jakarta, Indonesia


Smart Station Pro

Nature Mini Pro
Cube Motion Sensor
Environmental Sensor
Cube Clicker
HAVC Smart Controller
Nature 7 Pro
Blend Switch
Smart Curtain
Smart Plug

Project Introduction

In the process of searching for suppliers, Huawei learned that LifeSmart had provided smart office solutions for Baidu and Alibaba before, and then assigned the technical team in Shenzhen to conduct a remote online inspection with LifeSmart R&D team and technical support immediately. After several rounds of communication, Huawei has expressed extremely high appreciation for our technical level and project integration capability. With further business negotiations and on-site inspections, the cooperation intention was finally confirmed.

LifeSmart has created a 13,000-square-foot smart office space for the Huawei Indonesia team, achieving comprehensive intelligent and automated control of office lighting and environment, as well as efficient management and precise energy control in the office area.

Huawei Indonesia Office

Why LifeSmart?

1、Efficiency Requires and Smart Office Upgrades

As business in Indonesia continues to grow, the Huawei Indonesia team moved into a new office building in Jakarta at the beginning of 2021. To create a more efficient, convenient, and energy-saving office environment, the Huawei Indonesia team implemented LifeSmart's smart office solutions. Over 13,000 square meters of office space were upgraded with advanced technology to optimize precise energy management and achieve efficient office space management.

2、Advanced Smart Office Solutions

LifeSmart, as a global AIoT solutions provider, has developed highly mature solutions in the smart office domain. The LifeSmart smart office system can partition device control permissions for different office areas, enabling efficient and orderly management. With an automated intelligent control system, it manages device statuses promptly and flexibly based on spatial conditions, leveraging AI to achieve automated processing and batch execution. This system maintains a comfortable office environment, reduces manual workload, helps enterprises optimize energy management, and effectively reduces energy waste.

Huawei Indonesia Office

Huawei Indonesia Office


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