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The Root Project

May. 31, 2024

the Root Project

Root Project - Damyang Smart Home

Tan-yang City, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Nature 7 Pro

Nature Mini Pro(Thermostat)
Blend Switch

Smart Plug

Smart Curtain

HVAC Smart Controller


Cube Clicker

Environmental Sensor

Project Introduction:

This residence located in Tan-yang City, Jeollanam-do, South Korea, is part of the Root Project. You can control all IoT devices through the Smart Wallpad Nature 7 Pro.The construction of the Linked Cloud Intercom E16 (supporting NFC, Bluetooth, QR code, PIN code, facial recognition) is aimed at controlling visitor access. Nature Mini Pro thermostat ensures a comfortable temperature in each area at all times.Automatic control of ceiling fans ensures smooth airflow. Furthermore, real-time monitoring of air quality through an air quality meter and automatic ventilation through the linked heat exchanger maintain fresh indoor air without heat loss.Smart switches are connected to occupancy sensors and various IoT smart sensors, enabling automatic control of each light. Smart curtains connected to environmental sensors will operate automatically, creating the optimal environment consistently.

the Root Project

the Root Project

the Root Project

the Root Project

why LifeSmart?

1、Comprehensive Smart Home Solutions

Choosing LifeSmart means opting for a comprehensive smart home solution that offers seamless control over IoT devices, advanced security features for visitor access, and a comfortable living environment with temperature regulation and airflow control. With real-time air quality monitoring and automatic ventilation, LifeSmart ensures fresh indoor air without sacrificing energy efficiency.

2、Intelligent and Energy-Efficient Living

LifeSmart provides intelligent lighting and automated curtains to consistently create the optimal living environment. This all-encompassing solution prioritizes convenience, security, and energy efficiency, making LifeSmart the ideal choice for all your smart home needs.

the Root Project

the Root Project

the Root Project


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